UNDER THREAT ‣ Deathmosphere

UNDER THREAT ‣ Deathmosphere


Colombia - HWS18CD

The threat that falls upon us gets stronger with this devastating attack of masterful Death Metal, where the melodies emerge between aggressive and precise cuts, with abrasive guitars built over annihilating rhythmic patterns. Includes bonus video from "Rock al Parque 2004” in front of more than 80,000 maniacs.

Produced by Chris Djuricic at Studio One (Jungle Rot, Novembers Doom, Fleshgrind). Cover artwork by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity, Sentenced, Arch Enemy).

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NOVO METAL - Portugal (9/10)
"...highly enjoyable album..."
LEVIATAN - Costa Rica (8.3/10)
“...  fast and angry, with a great amount of emphasis on guitar blending and a nice vocal performance… Under Threat does have some thrash metal passages here and there, but so do all the great melodic death acts, so the thrash metal speed and constant pounding is sort of a “must” in any mellow death album.”
MAELSTROM - Israel (8/10)
“...speedy blastbeats and tightly laced harmonic leads. In short, this is awesome, thrashy Gothenburg metal done right with a classic feel and a pleasant lack of similitude between other bands, both modern and older… The best thing about Deathmosphere is that it feels "real" and makes an impact on you as you listen. I guess you could say it "jumps off of the canvas."
CHRONICLES OF CHAOS - South Africa (8/10)
“...a fairly solid album of no little merit… Underthreat possess an exuberance most lack, with the result that it is impossible not to be drawn into their up-tempo numbers. A production that is neither too raw nor overly polished, and an uncanny ability to negotiate a tightrope between aggression and melody have resulted in possibly the strongest entrant to the genre that I have heard in ages…”
METAL GLORY - Germany (8/10)
“Wow, was für ein Sound. Mann, das ist Death vom feinsten. Blastbeats, Growls usw.. Alles ist da… Diese Scheibe ist einer der Gründe, warum ich (Melodic) Death so überaus schätze.”
"...have a lot of melodic death albums that I listen to, but I do not have a single one that keeps up the energy this high throughout the whole album..."
“Berbekalkan genre Melodic Death Metal, kesemua lagu yang dimuatkan terasa tidak membosankan walaupun didengar berulang kali. Ini mungkin kerana melodi serta riffing yang dicipta agak catchy dan ada kala nya agak fresh didengar. Sound production juga membanggakan dimana kesemua instrument jelas kedengaran. Kemampuan setiap line up juga amat perlu diberi perhatian.”
“Under Threat hails from Colombia (yeah, probably the neighbours of Shakira ;-), but if you told me the lived right next door to members of At the Gates, In Flames and The Crown, I'd believe you too. This death metal sounds so Swedish that by delivering this album, to me, the guys deserve a Swedish passport… Just buy the album if you're into melodic death without "clean" vocals. But be careful with this in your car stereo, it will make you break the speed limit.”