Photo courtesy of the artist

Photo courtesy of the artist



No Creo que a Dios le Importe

No Creo que a Dios le Importe


The name KARIWA came from the voice “Kariwa Pica” which means “ignorant white”. This is the way some Amazonian tribes call no-native people, those who cannot survive by itself in the jungle. It also refers to people disrupting environmental equilibrium, just like humanity nowadays. With our arrogance we see ourselves as planet owners and not just another species sharing it.

Their music goes deep into that concept filed under the Groove Metal label, it explores diverse Metal styles and lyrically immerses in emotions and struggles of our short life period.

KARIWA began activities in january 2013, self releasing the EP “Blanco Ignorante” (2013) and their debut album “10.000 Años” (2016), their current line-up consist of Fabio Alvarez (ex-Headcrusher) on vocals, Julian Gil (Genetic Error, Ingrand, The Scum, ex-Goretrade, ex-Luciferian) on guitars, Juan Chaparro (ex-Día de los Muertos) on Bass and Boris Villáte (Xinnix, Brainwash Machine) on drums.

The bands is teaming up with HateWorks to release their second full length “No creo que a Dios le Importe”.



Fabio Alvarez: Vocals
Julian Gil: Guitar
David Coloma: Guitar
Juan Chaparro: Bass
Boris Villáte: Drums