MASACRE (Tributo) ‣ Bajo El Signo de La Violencia

MASACRE (Tributo) ‣ Bajo El Signo de La Violencia


Colombia - HWS17CD

As a celebration of Masacre’s 15th anniversary, 14 bands from different styles pays tribute to the Colombian gods of Total Brutal Death Metal and one of the most respected, influential and representative Latin-American bands of all times, covering songs from their entire career.

Mastered at Remasters Studio by Mike Hall. Cover artwork by Felipe Machado (Blind Guardian, Rage, Iced Earth, Rhapsody).

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MAELSTROM - Israel (8.7 / 10)
"There are a lot of great bands featured here, and like most of the metal compilations I come across, this one is well worth the time and doesn't fail to entertain. Bajo el Signo de la Violencia is a compilation you could enjoy for a very long time..."
LEVIATAN - Costa Rica
"...if you are like me and your first ever Masacre album was the excellent "Total Death" then you are pretty much going to hear for the first time all this songs, some are quiet catchy and brutal, they make me want to get the rest of Masacre's discography."