THE PROFANE ‣ Chaosbreed

THE PROFANE ‣ Chaosbreed


Paraguay - HWS21CD

In a glass of whiskey blend angriness, fat guitars, Rock'n'Roll, some HC, catchy riffs, a dirty voice and pure metal attitude, shake it strongly and enjoy at one shot... the result? Hell yeahhh!! the perfect soundtrack to the craziest evil drunken party. So stay cool, open a bottle, press play and get ready to have a f***ing great time!!

Mastered at world famous Platinum Studios (Metallica, Ratt, Mötley Crüe, WASP).

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ROCK.RU - Russia (10/10)
“Ко всему не равнодушен к латинскому гитарному наследию. Но сия команда - прямо скажу - был немного шокирован. Никак не ожидал услышать от колумбийцев мегадрайвовый хэви металл, притрэшованный, да ещё с таким охрененным рок'н'ольным настроением. Да!! И с харш вокалом, да ещё каким харш вокалом!”
LEVIATAN - Costa Rica (8.6/10)
“, catchy and with huge amounts of dirty rock that can satisfy rock and metal fans a like… Chaosbreed belongs in the world stage, these guys are good, and they know exactly what they are doing… they are rocking!”
CHRONICLES OF CHAOS - South Africa (7.5/10)
“... Chaosbreed filters death metal through the musty haze of down and dirty rock 'n' roll, unburdened by any high-falutin' concepts and (presumably) fuelled by coma-inducing amounts of JDs and SoCos… The songs are fairly straightforward but catchy and with a sufficient gritty production to provide just the right amount of filth... Those in the mood for straightforward heavy rock will enjoy this..."
JEDBANGERS - Argentina
"...un verdadero arsenal de buenas canciones enroladas en un vertiginoso Death' N' Roll... (las) canciones suenan potentes, rockeras, extremas pero a la vez con un halo de melodía y buen gusto capaz de arrancar una sonrisa en un rockero como en el más parco deathmetalero"