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Photo courtesy of the artist






OCCULTUS was formed in Cali (CO) in 1993 by Serpent (vocals) and Beast (bass), playing their debut live show in 1994 with great response from the crowd. The following year the band recorded the 9 track demo “Cain y Abel” gaining worldwide acknowledgement from the underground scene and playing more live shows.

In 1997 the split “Dark Passion” was released featuring Black Metal greeks Esgaroth and Occultus, providing two songs plus an intro. They also took part in several compilations with the most relevant Colombian bands of that era.

The release in 1999 of their first full length “Cosmos” (Decade Records, now HateWorks), marks a breakpoint in their career. The album opened new opportunities to the band and moved them to a higher level. The first pressing sold out quite fast and made it a Colombian metal classic and a collection piece which is now sold for hundreds of dollars if you’re able to find a copy. In 2000 the band entered the studio and recorded a new version of “Cosmos” (2002), as they were not totally satisfied with the original recording, they were able to add new arrangements and overall improve the sound. Their third album “Serpent Heart” (2006) was recorded during the same session. To launch the album Occultus played at Jorge Isaacs Theatre, being the first metal band ever to perform at the most important venue in the city.

With line-up changes came a new chapter parting ways with Beast who moved to the US, but the band continued playing to larger crowds and festival all over Colombia and in 2009 their first international appearance in Ecuador.

As a response to fans hungry for copies of Occultus material, the band re-released their demo on CD in 2010. On following years Occultus reached Colombian top festivals playing Grita Rock 2011 and Rock al Parque 2017 to 60.000 people. In 2018 their ’97 split was also re-released.

Occultus is joining forces with HateWorks working on material for their upcoming fourth album “Místico”, and planning a special edition to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of “Cosmos”, faithful to the original ’99 sound, with updated artwork and available on several formats.



Serpent: Vocals
Kalib: Guitar
Daimon: Drums
Nauj: Bass & Keyboards