MALEFICIO ‣ Under The Black Veil

MALEFICIO ‣ Under The Black Veil


Sweden - HWS22CD

Classic Death Metal filled with anger and some melodic touches in the purest Swedish vein. The crushing guitar riffs supporting inhuman vocals creates the frame for a piece of heaviness and aggression and delivers the goods on flawless brutal music. Recorded at Studio Underground under the keys of Pelle Saether (Skyfire, Carnal Forge, Draconian, Nightingale, Diabolical).

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SOD - USA (10/10 Fucking Skulls)
“Swedish Death metal powerhouse emerge from Studio Underground with one of the most brutal, heavy and punishing releases of the year. Under the Black Veil represents all the best the Swedish Death Metal scene has to offer from crushing guitar riffs to inhuman vocals to hypnotic melodies and fans of the genre will find themselves in rapture over this one. Tracks like “One Grave More”, “Aggressive Pretender” and “My Morbid Fear” explore the dark side of human existence and the terrible certainty of death and eternal darkness. Absolutely fucking essential! (DH)”
"Under the Black Veil strikes you with ferocious appetite for Old School Death Metal! A frenzied assault of Death Metal intensity"
ROCKOMBIA - Colombia
“... un poderoso ataque Death compuesto de ocho temas llenos de ira, violencia aunados en una producción musical y visual de primer nivel.”