FAIRYTALE ABUSE ‣ The Spirit Tower

FAIRYTALE ABUSE ‣ The Spirit Tower


Sweden - HWS16CD

Impressive debut album crafted with well structured melodies, flowing riffs which explodes full of energy or evokes dark and depressive moments. An outstanding performance that takes elements from the Death Metal field and some Black hints here and there to end in a majestic Death Dark Metal.

Mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm (The Haunted, Kataklysm, Illdisposed, Mnemic).

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LEVIATAN - Costa Rica (8.2/10)
"...a blend of melodies that catches the listener while evolving into a complex and pleasant sound."
CHRONICLES OF CHAOS - South Africa (7.5/10)
"...a mix of symphonic black and melodic death, permeated by a gothic touch... Melody is king and although they aren't the freshest, they are not yet past their sell by date and remain pretty damn catchy, especially the choruses..."
MAELSTROM - Israel (7.5/10)
"...The musicianship is great, the screams and growls are top notch, and the production is quite strong... Fairytale Abuse's business is catchy melodic black metal, and their business is good."
“It's not easy to bring together all the elements that this debut combines. You can tell that they are young and this is a promise for the future. It is a mission statement: no boundaries in metal: even though death/black foundations are very obvious, the melody and melancholy, both guitarwise and keyboardwise, demonstrate a willingness to add the doom elements. The coherence makes the songs something solid and once you give it a chance, it's obvious the band has good moments and even some better moments.”
"The Spirit Tower" features valiant tales of vampiric macabre with mythological content. Along with that, the death inspired riffage is well constructed and for the most part, constitutes above average originality. The keyboards aren't cheesy and mesh well with the highly symphonic female siren vocals, actually the best part.”
“With equal parts melodic death, goth and symphonic black metal, THE SPIRIT TOWER is full of accessible, hook-y songs that immediately grab the listener’s ear… The band certainly knows their way around a melody and choruses are constructed with memorable hooks.”