INNERHATE ‣ Digital Embryonic Selection

INNERHATE ‣ Digital Embryonic Selection


Colombia - HWS26CD

Extreme crushing technical Death Metal, fearless to explore new fields mixing brutality with creativity and musicianship. This is contemporary Death Metal at it's best, including fast riffing, blasting beats and aggression all over the album. The lyrics, which deal with the creation of artificial life, cloning and the current sick turn of human being, complete this interesting piece of metal.

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SOD - USA (9/10)
"...Feel the futuristic fury of Columbia's Inner Hate as they assault the senses with their futuristic brand of Technical Death Metal. Fry your circuit boards to metallic assaults...the cyborg rises and begins its mission of TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION! (DH)"
BRUTALISM - Netherlands (4/5)
"...this four piece delivers a real whirlwind of underground brutality...this album rampages right from the start and takes no prisoners. Innerhate's music can be described as a violent cocktail of Death Metal with occasional Grindcore excursions. Ranging from high speed blasting to some more mid-tempo or "normal" pace based parts with aggressive but intricate string work..."
XTREEM MUSIC - Spain (8/10)
"...Brutal Death infinitamente más intenso, versátil, y furioso que en el pasado, pero no solo eso, este segundo álbum se desmarca tanto en sonido (más limpio, potente y denso), como por poseer estructuras y composiciones más dinámicas e inspiradas..."
CHAOSVAULT - Poland (7,75/10)
" is brutal, pretty technical, sounds good and smells fine... InnerHate has great inspirations and doesn't be shy to show it. And they are not just simple making a replicas (if we are talking about genetics) of other band's ideas like copy-paste. "Digital Embryonic Selection" is a very coherent album, well-thought-out and lethally effective."
SUPREME BRUTALITY - Denmark (7/10)
"...versatile death metal...the songs are detailed and have lots of groove, breakdowns and changeups...the music has enough personality to be interesting."
ROCKOMBIA - Colombia
"...InnerHate sin lugar a dudas son de lo más interesante que se ha escuchado en los últimos años. Tienen un concepto sonoro y lírico definido, un acople instrumental bien elaborado y las evidentes ganas de descargar decibeles ensordecedores..."
BN FANZINE - Colombia
"...Excelente continuación de lo empezado en su primer CD... tecnicidad y madurez es lo que InnerHate ha obtenido durante los 3 años que preceden esta producción... el mejor álbum del género hecho en 2009."