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NEUROSIS INC. ‣ Subversivos Espirituales


Colombia - HWS15CD

With a extensive and successful career, Neurosis Inc. goes one step further with one of their most powerful albums. Aggressive melodies structured by strong guitars and a high musical performance set the basis for memorable riffs along with deep and teared growls. Mastered by Tom Morris at legendary Morrisound Studios.

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CHRONICLES OF CHAOS - South Africa (8.5/10)
" of the best albums I have heard this side of the Equator..."
LEVIATAN - Costa Rica (7.6/10)
“Neurosis mix of guitar melodies and hard catchy pounding drum work sounds very similar to the great Vader. There are also some keyboard insertions mainly at the beginning of the tracks, helping the songs produce a bigger “expectation effect”, something like creating an atmosphere and later destroying it with fast and sharp riffs.”
MAELSTROM - Israel (7/10)
"Countless bands have tried to rejuvenate the glory (of thrash metal), most fail. Neurosis Inc. accomplished the task... Neurosis Inc. have managed to create one of the records with the most character I've heard of any thrash band for awhile..."