THY ENDLESS WRATH ‣ Next to The Throne of Chaos

THY ENDLESS WRATH ‣ Next to The Throne of Chaos


Colombia - HWS12CD

As wolfs hungry for lost souls, Thy Endless Wrath appeals to the darkest side of metal offering the ever wanted mixture of rawness and technique, cutting guitars, fast drumming, evil screams and dark atmospheres. This magical circle develops an extreme melodic Black Metal, evoking the mysticism of ancient pagan philosophies, filled with anger and abyss inspired quality musicianship.

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METAL CURSE - USA (7.75/10)
"...A offering that convincingly crossbreeds the feel of the Old School Greek and Norwegian styles, while adding a modern symphonic edge."
"Emperor's "In the Nightside Eclipse" and Dimmu Borgir getting together to play fast Black Metal... the songs are melodic, but still raw and often blasting... no Death growling or clean singing... if you miss that old vibe, you'll find this band reworks that sound."
XTREEM - Spain (7.5/10)
"...atmósfera de muy alto nivel que se logra por la buena mezcla de los instrumentos, la producción que sin ser cristalina permite la escucha de todos los planos musicales, y un teclado que sin ser pomposo ni comerse a ningún instrumento envuelve esta obra con un halo de malignidad y majestuosidad cercana a los primeros trabajos de EMPEROR."
"...keyboard-laden maelstrom of metal... one of the most metal images seen in a long time..."