Colombia - HWS05CD

This re-arranged and re-recorded version of their 1998 debut makes the listener aware of each tracks' details, because the new recording also improves the quality mixing and overall sound.

If you’re unfamiliar with Occultus, they play Dark Metal taking influences from the ever loved Italian and Greek Metal scenes and adding the Latin American vibe, reaching deep mid paced tempos to faster Black Metal blasts and combining lyrics in both english and spanish.

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HEAVY METAL UNIVERSE (6/6 Masterpiece)
“...this formation contains some pure genius when it can deliver some very melodic, technical and progressive black metal with such a persuasion's strength. This record made me feel something close to the oldest ARCTURUS with a South-American touch, because of the numerous instrumental parts -on piano, keyboards or acoustic guitar-, the technical guitars and the captivating cosmic atmospheres, the whole supported by 100% black metal voices…”
“...highly interesting mix of Black Metal and what often is described with the label of Dark Metal. After the intro the South Americans take us onto a journey that you won't forget that easily again, for it greatly mixes the ugliness of Black Metal with beautiful atmospheres and melodic elements…”
“Occultus play atmospheric melodic black metal style with lots of keyboards and great guitar work...The album has a great production, the musicians definitely know how to play their instruments well, and overall they deliver an album that should keep you coming back for seconds, thirds, and maybe even more.”
SILENT SCREAM - Italy (7/10)
“...L'attitudine musicale degli Occultus ricorda quello di certe band Black Metal dal suono più "cosmico" quali i Samael, i Sirius o addirittura i Limbonic Art nei loro momenti più tranquilli ed equilibrati. Il risultato è tutt'altro che malaccio, fatto com'è di brani ben strutturati e costruiti in maniera molto articolata grazie ad un songwriting abile e dinamico, che riesce ad imporre alle composizioni uno spessore del tutto particolare, giocato sui cambi di tempo, su un uso molto deciso della sezione ritmica, su un riffing variegato ed in continua evoluzione…”
AD NOCTUM - Germany
“Was uns die Band hier auf dem Album präsentiert, ist ausgereifter und atmosphärischer Black Metal der Extraklasse und hat wirklich Hand und Fuss… Weiterhin setzt die Band auch das Keyboard sehr geschickt ein und erschafft dadurch einen weiteren Hauch von Atmosphäre… Schließlich ist auch noch der gute Sound ein Pluspunkt für "Cosmos", der den Songs richtig Ausdruck verleiht.
“Cosmos is intensive and highly atmospheric, traditional black metal. Heavy on keyboards to create a dark and chilly atmosphere, Occultus sound like the more structured and thought-out Norwegian acts from that time… Besides the emphasis on black symphonic metal,  there is also a high degree of ambience here (...) to create  a well-concepted, differential style, backed with a strong, but raw, production.”
“The musical attitude of OCCULTUS recalls that of certain high-calibre Black Metal bands with a more cosmic sound like SAMAEL, SIRIUS or atmospheric LIMBONIC ART. Dedicated to the sound extremists with a progressive spirit.”