HEADCRUSHER ▸ Let the Blood Run

HEADCRUSHER ▸ Let the Blood Run


Colombia - 2015 - HWS34CD

Headcrusher delivers high doses of modern Thrash with pure headbanging riffs, fast double bass drums and heavy melodic Death on top of Hard Core's energy. The CD release of “Let the Blood Run” comes along with the “Black Burning Skies” EP, both mixed and mastered by metal genius Tue Madsen, plus a new exclusive bonus track.

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“It’s easy to get into and like Headcrusher as they play a blend of Thrash/Death/Hardcore with a massive fat sound and a vocal that ooze of ferociousness. The riffs just caresses the ears and activates the headbanging reflexes, and are a pure joy to listen to. They have managed to break up the songs in nice portions with changes of pace and structures.”
“... a mix between very aggressive Thrash Metal and Metalcore, with lots of harsh and brutal music with great melodies arising… The sound production is very fine, clear and very dry, so the instruments gain lots of aggressiveness and weight (the guitars and drums appears a lot in this way). It’s a guarantee of disturbing for your neighbors and of walls trembling!”