Photo by Alexandra Prieto

Photo by Alexandra Prieto



Anger Blinds the Mind

Anger Blinds the Mind


Tormenting Thrash Metal since 1997, Sagros began as a side project of singer and guitarist Sergio Gaviria. In 1998 the band released the first demo called “Fuego Eterno” and started playing at local bars. Their second demo “Silencio” was released in 2000 while they kept playing everywhere they were allowed. Two EPs, “Paths of Death” and “Freedom Lies in Chains” were released in 2004 and 2007 respectively. During that period of time there were some line-up changes.

In 2010 Sagros released a compilation of selected work from previous recordings. Also reached out to labels through a two new songs promo package which caused receiving several offers. In 2012 the band inked a deal with HateWorks and in 2013 they released the debut album “Anger Blinds the Mind” with a great reception; it was selected as one of the top 50 albums (all kinds of music) in Colombia the same year and the single “Anger Blinds the Mind” was included between the 1000 most important songs in Colombian music history.

Sagros toured extensively in Colombia and neighbor countries while having line-up issues but this didn’t stop the band to keep up their work. Thanks to the success of their debut album, Sagros was invited in 2015 to perform at the 21th version of Rock al Parque Festival, one of the biggest events in Latin America.

By the end of 2016, Sacros finished production of their second full length not without inner turmoil. From that point they continued touring and performing live including the largest metal festival in Colombia: El Festival del Diablo.

“…A Justification for Cruelty” final touches were completed by late 2017 and the album will be released by HateWorks in 2018.



Sergio Gaviria: Vocals
Camilo Gómez: Bass


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