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FUNEBRE was founded in Manizales in 1992 by multi-instrumentalist Ruben Sierra playing a raw Death-Black Metal style. Thereafter, they reached national exposure sharing the stage with some of the most relevant Colombian acts at the time. 1996 marked a tragic chapter for Funebre when their bassist (name) sadly passed away in an accident, this caused the band to dissolve and their surviving members focused on different projects.

After 15 fifteen years, Funebre returned to rehearsing and composing duties with a progression to their 90’s roots adding new atmospheric and darker shades. This put the band back in the radar performing in Colombia’s club and festival circuit along with acclaimed acts such as Rotting Christ, Venom, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Moonspell and Testament among others.

As of summer 2019 Funebre is recording its first official release, a 5 song EP that showcases their journey through extreme musical experimentation.



Rubén: Drums
Dani: Guitar
Carlos: Bass


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