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Photo courtesy of the artist



Memento Mori

Memento Mori


ATHANATOR’s history begins in a basement from Medellín in 1989. “Gritos del Ennom”, his debut demo-rehearsal even had a poor production sold all of the 500 copies pressed in just 2 months. By 1992 the 7” single “Engendros de Muerte” is released and also a new demo “Involución”, but suddenly after this the band cease activities, ending this first era.

Around November ‘99 the bands gets reunited and in January 2000 their first album “Raise the Death” saw the light, it let the band be back on stages including opening for German legends Destruction. On 2003 “Earth of Blood” was released via Ateneo Prods. In Colombia, Metal Blast in Germany and Dirty Records in USA. In late 2004 the band shoots a video clip for “Walk Down the Earth”, nominated at “London Video Music Awards” and “Premios Mucha Música”.

By the end of 2006, the band finishes the recordings of 11 new songs for their third album “The Perfect Enemy”, also a DVD Documentary was released that year. The supporting tour for this album let them open for bands as Sadus and Krisun, and several sold out shows around his native Colombia. On 2008 the fourth full length “Architect of Disaster” is releases including a bonus DVD with footage from the recordings sessions, interviews and 3 video clips.

In 2012 ATHANATOR gets an offer to release all their early material on CD, and the “Antologia de la Muerte” compilation album was the result. In 2017 the recording session for their upcoming album starts and the band get in touch with HateWorks who will be releasing their fifth album in middle 2018.



Jaime Ocampo: Guitar / Vocals
Kike Ramirez: Bass / Backing vocals
Esteban Tobón: Drums
Eder Zapata: Lead Guitar


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